New to Church?

Are you new to church?

We know how it can feel walking into a church and having no idea what is happening.
Take a look below to discover a little bit about what happens at a church!

Each week in our services, we have the opportunity to worship God through music. Sometimes we sing only a few songs, sometimes we sing more songs. Either way, our music team desires to lead each person in the church to a place of humble worship.

You may see people raising their hands during worship – this is not required by anyone, but some people choose to lift their hands as a posture of gratitude and humility.

Communion is a celebration for people who have chosen to follow Jesus. Communion was instituted by Jesus for us to remember His body that was sacrificed to pay for our sins and His blood that initiates a new covenant with us – allowing us to relate to God personally.

Baptism is a simple illustration of being washed clean. It is a picture of Christ’s death and resurrection; a picture of new birth, new life. When a person gives their life to Jesus, baptism is a logical next step for that person to publicly confess what Jesus has done in washing their sin (wrong-doings) away.

If you would like more information on Baptism, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the leaders in Salt.

We consider giving an act of worship. We know that nothing we have is our own, so we choose to pool our resources and watch God do amazing things with our collective resources that we could not do individually.

If you miss any of our sermons or need to get caught up on the current series, check out our sermon page for more details.

We know that children are important to God. Our children’s ministry is not simple babysitting. We care that our ministry is fun, biblical, safe, and facilitates godly relationships. Our children program runs on a Sunday 10am after the worship.